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A Pallet for scheduling dispatches.


This Pallet exposes capabilities for scheduling dispatches to occur at a specified block number or at a specified period. These scheduled dispatches may be named or anonymous and may be canceled.

NOTE: The scheduled calls will be dispatched with the default filter for the origin: namely frame_system::Config::BaseCallFilter for all origin except root which will get no filter. And not the filter contained in origin use to call fn schedule.

If a call is scheduled using proxy or whatever mecanism which adds filter, then those filter will not be used when dispatching the schedule call.


Dispatchable Functions

  • schedule - schedule a dispatch, which may be periodic, to occur at a specified block and with a specified priority.
  • cancel - cancel a scheduled dispatch, specified by block number and index.
  • schedule_named - augments the schedule interface with an additional Vec<u8> parameter that can be used for identification.
  • cancel_named - the named complement to the cancel function.


pub use weights::WeightInfo;
pub use pallet::*;


Migrations for the scheduler pallet.
The module that hosts all the FRAME types needed to add this pallet to a runtime.
Autogenerated weights for pallet_scheduler


Information regarding an item to be executed in the future.

Type Definitions

Just a simple index for naming period tasks.
The location of a scheduled task that can be used to remove it.