pub trait Config: Config + Config {
    type FullIdentification: Parameter;
    type FullIdentificationOf: Convert<Self::ValidatorId, Option<Self::FullIdentification>>;
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Configuration trait of this pallet.

The main purpose of this trait is to act as an interface between this pallet and the runtime in which it is embedded in. A type, function, or constant in this trait is essentially left to be configured by the runtime that includes this pallet.

Consequently, a runtime that wants to include this pallet must implement this trait. Config necessary for the historical pallet.

Required Associated Types§


type FullIdentification: Parameter

Full identification of the validator.


type FullIdentificationOf: Convert<Self::ValidatorId, Option<Self::FullIdentification>>

A conversion from validator ID to full identification.

This should contain any references to economic actors associated with the validator, since they may be outdated by the time this is queried from a historical trie.

It must return the identification for the current session index.