pub trait NominationsQuota<Balance> {
    type MaxNominations: Get<u32>;

    // Required method
    fn curve(balance: Balance) -> u32;

    // Provided method
    fn get_quota(balance: Balance) -> u32 { ... }
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Something that defines the maximum number of nominations per nominator based on a curve.

The method curve implements the nomination quota curve and should not be used directly. However, get_quota returns the bounded maximum number of nominations based on fn curve and the nominator’s balance.

Required Associated Types§


type MaxNominations: Get<u32>

Strict maximum number of nominations that caps the nominations curve. This value can be used as the upper bound of the number of votes per nominator.

Required Methods§


fn curve(balance: Balance) -> u32

Returns the voter’s nomination quota based on its balance and a curve.

Provided Methods§


fn get_quota(balance: Balance) -> u32

Returns the voter’s nomination quota within reasonable bounds [min, max], where min is 1 and max is Self::MaxNominations.



impl<Balance, const MAX: u32> NominationsQuota<Balance> for FixedNominationsQuota<MAX>


type MaxNominations = ConstU32<MAX>