Type Definition pallet_staking::OffendingValidators

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pub type OffendingValidators<T: Config> = StorageValue<_GeneratedPrefixForStorageOffendingValidators<T>, Vec<(u32, bool)>, ValueQuery>;
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Indices of validators that have offended in the active era and whether they are currently disabled.

This value should be a superset of disabled validators since not all offences lead to the validator being disabled (if there was no slash). This is needed to track the percentage of validators that have offended in the current era, ensuring a new era is forced if OffendingValidatorsThreshold is reached. The vec is always kept sorted so that we can find whether a given validator has previously offended using binary search. It gets cleared when the era ends.

Storage type is StorageValue with value type Vec < (u32, bool) >.