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Configuration trait of this pallet.

Implement this type for a runtime in order to customize this pallet.

Required Associated Types

The overarching event type.

Handler for withdrawing, refunding and depositing the transaction fee. Transaction fees are withdrawn before the transaction is executed. After the transaction was executed the transaction weight can be adjusted, depending on the used resources by the transaction. If the transaction weight is lower than expected, parts of the transaction fee might be refunded. In the end the fees can be deposited.

A fee mulitplier for Operational extrinsics to compute “virtual tip” to boost their priority

This value is multipled by the final_fee to obtain a “virtual tip” that is later added to a tip component in regular priority calculations. It means that a Normal transaction can front-run a similarly-sized Operational extrinsic (with no tip), by including a tip value greater than the virtual tip.

// For `Normal`
let priority = priority_calc(tip);

// For `Operational`
let virtual_tip = (inclusion_fee + tip) * OperationalFeeMultiplier;
let priority = priority_calc(tip + virtual_tip);

Note that since we use final_fee the multiplier applies also to the regular tip sent with the transaction. So, not only does the transaction get a priority bump based on the inclusion_fee, but we also amplify the impact of tips applied to Operational transactions.

Convert a weight value into a deductible fee based on the currency type.

Convert a length value into a deductible fee based on the currency type.

Update the multiplier of the next block, based on the previous block’s weight.