pub trait Link<B: BlockT>: Send {
    fn blocks_processed(
        &mut self,
        _imported: usize,
        _count: usize,
        _results: Vec<(Result<BlockImportStatus<NumberFor<B>>, BlockImportError>, B::Hash)>
    ) { ... } fn justification_imported(
        &mut self,
        _who: RuntimeOrigin,
        _hash: &B::Hash,
        _number: NumberFor<B>,
        _success: bool
    ) { ... } fn request_justification(&mut self, _hash: &B::Hash, _number: NumberFor<B>) { ... } }
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Hooks that the verification queue can use to influence the synchronization algorithm.

Provided Methods

Batch of blocks imported, with or without error.

Justification import result.

Request a justification for the given block.