pub trait PowAlgorithm<B: BlockT> {
    type Difficulty: TotalDifficulty + Default + Encode + Decode + Ord + Clone + Copy;

    fn difficulty(&self, parent: B::Hash) -> Result<Self::Difficulty, Error<B>>;
    fn verify(
        parent: &BlockId<B>,
        pre_hash: &B::Hash,
        pre_digest: Option<&[u8]>,
        seal: &Seal,
        difficulty: Self::Difficulty
    ) -> Result<bool, Error<B>>; fn preliminary_verify(
        _pre_hash: &B::Hash,
        _seal: &Seal
    ) -> Result<Option<bool>, Error<B>> { ... } fn break_tie(&self, _own_seal: &Seal, _new_seal: &Seal) -> bool { ... } }
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Algorithm used for proof of work.

Required Associated Types

Difficulty for the algorithm.

Required Methods

Get the next block’s difficulty.

This function will be called twice during the import process, so the implementation should be properly cached.

Verify that the difficulty is valid against given seal.

Provided Methods

Verify that the seal is valid against given pre hash when parent block is not yet imported.

None means that preliminary verify is not available for this algorithm.

Break a fork choice tie.

By default this chooses the earliest block seen. Using uniform tie breaking algorithms will help to protect against selfish mining.

Returns if the new seal should be considered best block.