pub trait MultihashDigest<const S: usize>: TryFrom<u64> + Into<u64> + Send + Sync + Unpin + Copy + Eq + Debug + 'static {
    // Required methods
    fn digest(&self, input: &[u8]) -> Multihash<S>;
    fn wrap(&self, digest: &[u8]) -> Result<Multihash<S>, Error>;
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Trait that implements hashing.

It is usually implemented by a custom code table enum that derives the Multihash derive.

Required Methods§

fn digest(&self, input: &[u8]) -> Multihash<S>

Calculate the hash of some input data.

// `Code` implements `MultihashDigest`
use multihash::{Code, MultihashDigest};

let hash = Code::Sha3_256.digest(b"Hello world!");
println!("{:02x?}", hash);

fn wrap(&self, digest: &[u8]) -> Result<Multihash<S>, Error>

Create a multihash from an existing multihash digest.

use multihash::{Code, Hasher, MultihashDigest, Sha3_256};

let mut hasher = Sha3_256::default();
hasher.update(b"Hello world!");
let hash = Code::Sha3_256.wrap(&hasher.finalize()).unwrap();
println!("{:02x?}", hash);



impl MultihashDigest<64> for Code