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Substrate service. Starts a thread that spins up the network, client, and extrinsic pool. Manages communication between them.


pub use self::client::genesis::BuildGenesisBlock;
pub use self::client::genesis::GenesisBlockBuilder;
pub use self::error::Error;
pub use config::BasePath;
pub use config::Configuration;
pub use config::RpcMethods;
pub use config::TaskType;


Chain utilities.
Substrate Client and associated logic.
Service configuration.
Errors that can occur during the service operation.


Parameters to pass into build_network.
Relevant client configuration items relevant for the client.
A configuration of a chain. Can be used to build a genesis block.
Construct and hold different layers of Keystore wrappers
Call executor that executes methods locally, querying all required data from local backend.
Object used to start the network.
An incomplete set of chain components, but enough to run the chain ops subcommands.
Generates random integers as subscription ID.
Generates random strings of length len as subscription ID.
RPC handlers that can perform RPC queries.
An handle for spawning tasks in the service.
Parameters to pass into build.
Represents a running async task in the TaskManager.
Helper struct to manage background/async tasks in Service.
Keeps track of all running Tasks in TaskManager.
Transaction pool adapter.
Pool configuration options.


Block pruning settings.
The type of a chain.
Where to find the database..
Pruning mode.
Role of the local node.
Used to configure how to receive the metrics


Default task group name.


Common interface of a chain specification.
A collection of ChainSpec extensions.
In-pool transaction interface.
Transaction pool error conversion.
Delegate for dispatching a CodeExecutor call.
Trait to generate subscription IDs.
A set of traits for the runtime genesis config.
Transaction pool interface.


Build the network service, the network status sinks and an RPC sender.
Build a shared offchain workers instance.
Create an instance of client backed by given backend.
Create an instance of default DB-backend backend.
Creates a new full client for the given config.
Create the initial parts of a full node with the default genesis block builder.
Return the genesis state version given the genesis storage and executor.
Spawn the tasks that are required to run a node.

Type Definitions

A type denoting empty extensions.
Arbitrary properties defined in chain spec as a JSON object
Full client backend type.
Full client call executor type.
Full client type.