pub trait Database<H>: Send + Syncwhere
    H: Clone + AsRef<[u8]>,
{ fn commit(&self, transaction: Transaction<H>) -> Result<(), DatabaseError>; fn get(&self, col: u32, key: &[u8]) -> Option<Vec<u8, Global>>; fn contains(&self, col: u32, key: &[u8]) -> bool { ... } fn value_size(&self, col: u32, key: &[u8]) -> Option<usize> { ... } fn with_get(&self, col: u32, key: &[u8], f: &mut dyn FnMut(&[u8])) { ... } fn supports_ref_counting(&self) -> bool { ... } fn sanitize_key(&self, _key: &mut Vec<u8, Global>) { ... } }

Required Methods

Commit the transaction to the database atomically. Any further calls to get or lookup will reflect the new state.

Retrieve the value previously stored against key or None if key is not currently in the database.

Provided Methods

Check if the value exists in the database without retrieving it.

Check value size in the database possibly without retrieving it.

Call f with the value previously stored against key.

This may be faster than get since it doesn’t allocate. Use with_get helper function if you need f to return a value from f

Check if database supports internal ref counting for state data.

For backwards compatibility returns false by default.

Remove a possible path-prefix from the key.

Not all database implementations use a prefix for keys, so this function may be a noop.

Trait Implementations

Formats the value using the given formatter. Read more