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Substrate’s client telemetry is a part of substrate that allows ingesting telemetry data with for example Polkadot telemetry.

It works using Tokio’s tracing library. The telemetry information uses tracing’s logging to report the telemetry data which is then retrieved by a tracing Layer. This layer will then send the data through an asynchronous channel to a background task called TelemetryWorker which will send the information to the configured remote telemetry servers.

If multiple substrate nodes are running in the same process, it uses a tracing::Span to identify which substrate node is reporting the telemetry. Every task spawned using sc-service’s TaskManager automatically inherit this span.

Substrate’s nodes initialize/register with the TelemetryWorker using a TelemetryWorkerHandle. This handle can be cloned and passed around. It uses an asynchronous channel to communicate with the running TelemetryWorker dedicated to registration. Registering can happen at any point in time during the process execution.






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