pub trait CallerTrait<AccountId>: Parameter + Member + From<RawOrigin<AccountId>> {
    // Required methods
    fn into_system(self) -> Option<RawOrigin<AccountId>>;
    fn as_system_ref(&self) -> Option<&RawOrigin<AccountId>>;

    // Provided methods
    fn as_signed(&self) -> Option<&AccountId> { ... }
    fn is_root(&self) -> bool { ... }
    fn is_none(&self) -> bool { ... }
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The trait implemented by the overarching enumeration of the different pallets’ origins. Unlike OriginTrait impls, this does not include any kind of dispatch/call filter. Also, this trait is more flexible in terms of how it can be used: it is a Parameter and Member, so it can be used as dispatchable parameters as well as in storage items.

Required Methods§


fn into_system(self) -> Option<RawOrigin<AccountId>>

Extract the signer from the message if it is a Signed origin.


fn as_system_ref(&self) -> Option<&RawOrigin<AccountId>>

Extract a reference to the system-level RawOrigin if it is that.

Provided Methods§


fn as_signed(&self) -> Option<&AccountId>

Extract the signer from it if a system Signed origin, None otherwise.


fn is_root(&self) -> bool

Returns true if self is a system Root origin, None otherwise.


fn is_none(&self) -> bool

Returns true if self is a system None origin, None otherwise.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.