pub trait RankedMembers {
    type AccountId;
    type Rank: AtLeast16BitUnsigned;

    // Required methods
    fn min_rank() -> Self::Rank;
    fn rank_of(who: &Self::AccountId) -> Option<Self::Rank>;
    fn induct(who: &Self::AccountId) -> DispatchResult;
    fn promote(who: &Self::AccountId) -> DispatchResult;
    fn demote(who: &Self::AccountId) -> DispatchResult;
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Ranked membership data structure.

Required Associated Types§

Required Methods§


fn min_rank() -> Self::Rank

The lowest rank possible in this membership organisation.


fn rank_of(who: &Self::AccountId) -> Option<Self::Rank>

Return the rank of the given ID, or None if they are not a member.


fn induct(who: &Self::AccountId) -> DispatchResult

Add a member to the group at the min_rank().


fn promote(who: &Self::AccountId) -> DispatchResult

Promote a member to the next higher rank.


fn demote(who: &Self::AccountId) -> DispatchResult

Demote a member to the next lower rank; demoting beyond the min_rank removes the member entirely.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.