Type Alias pallet_balances::pallet::Locks

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pub type Locks<T: Config<I>, I: 'static = ()> = StorageMap<_GeneratedPrefixForStorageLocks<T, I>, Blake2_128Concat, T::AccountId, WeakBoundedVec<BalanceLock<T::Balance>, T::MaxLocks>, ValueQuery>;
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Any liquidity locks on some account balances. NOTE: Should only be accessed when setting, changing and freeing a lock.

Use of locks is deprecated in favour of freezes. See https://github.com/paritytech/substrate/pull/12951/

Storage type is [StorageMap] with key type T :: AccountId and value type WeakBoundedVec < BalanceLock < T :: Balance > , T :: MaxLocks >.

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struct Locks<T: Config<I>, I: 'static = ()>(/* private fields */);