Module pallet_session::pallet

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The pallet module in each FRAME pallet hosts the most important items needed to construct this pallet.

The main components of this pallet are:

  • Pallet, which implements all of the dispatchable extrinsics of the pallet, among other public functions.
    • The subset of the functions that are dispatchable can be identified either in the dispatchables module or in the Call enum.
  • storage_types, which contains the list of all types that are representing a storage item. Otherwise, all storage items are listed among Type Definitions.
  • Config, which contains the configuration trait of this pallet.
  • Event and Error, which are listed among the Enums.


  • pub use __tt_error_token_9 as tt_error_token;
  • pub use __tt_default_parts_15 as tt_default_parts;
  • pub use __tt_extra_parts_15 as tt_extra_parts;


  • Auto-generated docs-only module listing all defined dispatchables for this pallet.
  • Auto-generated docs-only module listing all (public and private) defined storage types for this pallet.


  • Can be used to configure the genesis state of this pallet.
  • The Pallet struct, the main type that implements traits and standalone functions within the pallet.


  • Contains a variant per dispatchable extrinsic that this pallet has.
  • Error for the session pallet.
  • The Event enum of this pallet


  • Configuration trait of this pallet.

Type Definitions

  • Current index of the session.
  • Indices of disabled validators.
  • The owner of a key. The key is the KeyTypeId + the encoded key.
  • ModuleDeprecated
    Type alias to Pallet, to be used by construct_runtime.
  • The next session keys for a validator.
  • True if the underlying economic identities or weighting behind the validators has changed in the queued validator set.
  • The queued keys for the next session. When the next session begins, these keys will be used to determine the validator’s session keys.
  • The current set of validators.