pub trait Named<BlockNumber, Call, RuntimeOrigin> {
    type Address: Codec + Clone + Eq + EncodeLike + Debug + MaxEncodedLen;
    type Hash;

    fn schedule_named(
        id: Vec<u8>,
        when: DispatchTime<BlockNumber>,
        maybe_periodic: Option<Period<BlockNumber>>,
        priority: Priority,
        origin: RuntimeOrigin,
        call: MaybeHashed<Call, Self::Hash>
    ) -> Result<Self::Address, ()>; fn cancel_named(id: Vec<u8>) -> Result<(), ()>; fn reschedule_named(
        id: Vec<u8>,
        when: DispatchTime<BlockNumber>
    ) -> Result<Self::Address, DispatchError>; fn next_dispatch_time(id: Vec<u8>) -> Result<BlockNumber, ()>; }
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A type that can be used as a scheduler.

Required Associated Types

An address which can be used for removing a scheduled task.

A means of expressing a call by the hash of its encoded data.

Required Methods

Schedule a dispatch to happen at the beginning of some block in the future.

  • id: The identity of the task. This must be unique and will return an error if not.

Cancel a scheduled, named task. If periodic, then it will cancel all further instances of that, also.

Will return an error if the id is invalid.

NOTE: This guaranteed to work only before the point that it is due to be executed. If it ends up being delayed beyond the point of execution, then it cannot be cancelled.

Reschedule a task. For one-off tasks, this dispatch is guaranteed to succeed only if it is executed before the currently scheduled block.

Return the next dispatch time for a given task.

Will return an error if the id is invalid.