pub trait SessionInterface<AccountId> {
    // Required methods
    fn disable_validator(validator_index: u32) -> bool;
    fn validators() -> Vec<AccountId>;
    fn prune_historical_up_to(up_to: SessionIndex);
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Means for interacting with a specialized version of the session trait.

This is needed because Staking sets the ValidatorIdOf of the pallet_session::Config

Required Methods§


fn disable_validator(validator_index: u32) -> bool

Disable the validator at the given index, returns false if the validator was already disabled or the index is out of bounds.


fn validators() -> Vec<AccountId>

Get the validators from session.


fn prune_historical_up_to(up_to: SessionIndex)

Prune historical session tries up to but not including the given index.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<AccountId> SessionInterface<AccountId> for ()



impl<T> SessionInterface<<T as Config>::AccountId> for Twhere T: Config<ValidatorId = <T as Config>::AccountId> + Config<FullIdentification = Exposure<<T as Config>::AccountId, BalanceOf<T>>, FullIdentificationOf = ExposureOf<T>> + Config, T::SessionHandler: SessionHandler<<T as Config>::AccountId>, T::SessionManager: SessionManager<<T as Config>::AccountId>, T::ValidatorIdOf: Convert<<T as Config>::AccountId, Option<<T as Config>::AccountId>>,