Type Definition pallet_staking::Nominators

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pub type Nominators<T: Config> = CountedStorageMap<_GeneratedPrefixForStorageNominators<T>, Twox64Concat, T::AccountId, Nominations<T>>;
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The map from nominator stash key to their nomination preferences, namely the validators that they wish to support.

Note that the keys of this storage map might become non-decodable in case the account’s NominationsQuota::MaxNominations configuration is decreased. In this rare case, these nominators are still existent in storage, their key is correct and retrievable (i.e. contains_key indicates that they exist), but their value cannot be decoded. Therefore, the non-decodable nominators will effectively not-exist, until they re-submit their preferences such that it is within the bounds of the newly set Config::MaxNominations.

This implies that ::iter_keys().count() and ::iter().count() might return different values for this map. Moreover, the main ::count() is aligned with the former, namely the number of keys that exist.

Lastly, if any of the nominators become non-decodable, they can be chilled immediately via Call::chill_other dispatchable by anyone.

TWOX-NOTE: SAFE since AccountId is a secure hash.

Storage type is CountedStorageMap with key type T :: AccountId and value type Nominations < T >.