Trait sc_transaction_pool_api::LocalTransactionPool[][src]

pub trait LocalTransactionPool: Send + Sync {
    type Block: BlockT;
    type Hash: Hash + Eq + Member + Serialize;
    type Error: From<Error> + IntoPoolError;
    fn submit_local(
        at: &BlockId<Self::Block>,
        xt: LocalTransactionFor<Self>
    ) -> Result<Self::Hash, Self::Error>; }
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Transaction pool interface for submitting local transactions that exposes a blocking interface for submission.

Associated Types

Block type.

Transaction hash type.

Error type.

Required methods

Submits the given local unverified transaction to the pool blocking the current thread for any necessary pre-verification. NOTE: It MUST NOT be used for transactions that originate from the network or RPC, since the validation is performed with TransactionSource::Local.