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Transaction pool client facing API.


Transaction pool errors.


Transaction pool status.


Events that the transaction pool listens for.

The source of the transaction.

Possible transaction status events.


In-pool transaction interface.

Transaction pool interface for submitting local transactions that exposes a blocking interface for submission.

Trait for transaction pool maintenance.

An abstraction for transaction pool.

An iterator of ready transactions.

Transaction pool interface.

Type Definitions

Block hash type for a pool.

The import notification event stream.

Transaction type for a local pool.

Typical future type used in transaction pool api.

Transaction type for a pool.

Minimum number of blocks a transaction will remain valid for. TransactionLongevity::max_value() means “forever”.

Priority for a transaction. Additive. Higher is better.

The stream of transaction events.

Type of transactions event stream for a pool.

Tag for a transaction. No two transactions with the same tag should be placed on-chain.

Transaction hash type for a pool.