pub trait ReadyTransactions: Iterator {
    // Required method
    fn report_invalid(&mut self, _tx: &Self::Item);
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An iterator of ready transactions.

The trait extends regular std::iter::Iterator trait and allows reporting last-returned element as invalid.

The implementation is then allowed, for performance reasons, to change the elements returned next, by e.g. skipping elements that are known to depend on the reported transaction, which yields them invalid as well.

Required Methods§


fn report_invalid(&mut self, _tx: &Self::Item)

Report given transaction as invalid.

This might affect subsequent elements returned by the iterator, so dependent transactions are skipped for performance reasons.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl<T> ReadyTransactions for Empty<T>

A no-op implementation for an empty iterator.


fn report_invalid(&mut self, _tx: &T)