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Substrate client interfaces.


pub use sp_blockchain as blockchain;
pub use backend::*;
pub use call_executor::*;
pub use client::*;
pub use notifications::*;
pub use proof_provider::*;


Substrate Client data backend
A method call executor interface.
A set of APIs supported by the client along with their primitives.
Execution extensions for runtime calls.
In memory client backend
Helper for managing the set of available leaves in the chain for DB implementations.
Storage notifications
Proof utilities
Utility methods for the client.


Storage proof in compact form.
Storage key of a child trie, it contains the prefix to the key.
Storage data associated to a StorageKey.
Storage key.
A proof that some set of key-value pairs are included in the storage trie. The proof contains the storage values so that the partial storage backend can be reconstructed by a verifier that does not already have access to the key-value pairs.


Information related to a child state.
Strategy for executing a call into the runtime.


Blockchain database header backend. Does not perform any validation.
Usage Information Provider interface