pub trait PalletError: Encode + Decode {
    const MAX_ENCODED_SIZE: usize;
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Trait indicating that the implementing type is going to be included as a field in a variant of the #[pallet::error] enum type.


The pallet error enum has a maximum encoded size as defined by frame_support::MAX_MODULE_ERROR_ENCODED_SIZE. If the pallet error type exceeds this size limit, a static assertion during compilation will fail. The compilation error will be in the format of error[E0080]: evaluation of constant value failed due to the usage of const assertions.

Required Associated Constants

The maximum encoded size for the implementing type.

This will be used to check whether the pallet error type is less than or equal to frame_support::MAX_MODULE_ERROR_ENCODED_SIZE, and if it is, a compilation error will be thrown.

Implementations on Foreign Types