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§Alliance Pallet

The Alliance Pallet provides a collective that curates a list of accounts and URLs, deemed by the voting members to be unscrupulous actors. The Alliance

  • provides a set of ethics against bad behavior, and
  • provides recognition and influence for those teams that contribute something back to the ecosystem.


The network initializes the Alliance via a Root call. After that, anyone with an approved identity and website can join as an Ally. The MembershipManager origin can elevate Allies to Fellows, giving them voting rights within the Alliance.

Voting members of the Alliance maintain a list of accounts and websites. Members can also vote to update the Alliance’s rule and make announcements.


  • Rule: The IPFS CID (hash) of the Alliance rules for the community to read and the Alliance members to enforce. Similar to a Charter or Code of Conduct.
  • Announcement: An IPFS CID of some content that the Alliance want to announce.
  • Member: An account that is already in the group of the Alliance, including two types: Fellow, or Ally. A member can also be kicked by the MembershipManager origin or retire by itself.
  • Fellow: An account who is elevated from Ally by other Fellows.
  • Ally: An account who would like to join the Alliance. To become a voting member (Fellow), it will need approval from the MembershipManager origin. Any account can join as an Ally either by placing a deposit or by nomination from a voting member.
  • Unscrupulous List: A list of bad websites and addresses; items can be added or removed by voting members.


§Dispatchable Functions

§For General Users
  • join_alliance - Join the Alliance as an Ally. This requires a slashable deposit.
§For Members (All)
  • give_retirement_notice - Give a retirement notice and start a retirement period required to pass in order to retire.
  • retire - Retire from the Alliance and release the caller’s deposit.
§For Voting Members
  • propose - Propose a motion.
  • vote - Vote on a motion.
  • close - Close a motion with enough votes or that has expired.
  • set_rule - Initialize or update the Alliance’s rule by IPFS CID.
  • announce - Make announcement by IPFS CID.
  • nominate_ally - Nominate a non-member to become an Ally, without deposit.
  • elevate_ally - Approve an ally to become a Fellow.
  • kick_member - Kick a member and slash its deposit.
  • add_unscrupulous_items - Add some items, either accounts or websites, to the list of unscrupulous items.
  • remove_unscrupulous_items - Remove some items from the list of unscrupulous items.
  • abdicate_fellow_status - Abdicate one’s voting rights, demoting themself to Ally.
§Root Calls
  • init_members - Initialize the Alliance, onboard fellows and allies.
  • disband - Disband the Alliance, remove all active members and unreserve deposits.



  • The pallet module in each FRAME pallet hosts the most important items needed to construct this pallet.
  • Autogenerated weights for pallet_alliance


  • Representation of a CID.
  • Witness data for the disband call.
  • A Multihash instance that only supports the basic functionality and no hashing.




  • Interface required for identity verification.
  • The provider of a collective action interface, for example an instance of pallet-collective.

Type Aliases§