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Substrate CLI library.

To see a full list of commands available, see commands.



  • Definitions of [ValueEnum] types.
  • Various subcommands that can be included in a substrate-based chain’s CLI.



  • Wrapper type that is either a Hash or the number of a Block.
  • Optional flag for specifying crypto algorithm
  • Parameters for database
  • Execution strategies parameters.
  • Wrapper type of String that holds an unsigned integer of arbitrary size, formatted as a decimal.
  • Parameters for block import.
  • Parameters of the keystore
  • A builder that is used to initialize the global logger.
  • Params to configure how a message should be passed into a command.
  • Parameters used to create the mixnet configuration.
  • Parameters used to create the network configuration.
  • Optional flag for specifying network scheme
  • Parameters used to create the NodeKeyConfig, which determines the keypair used for libp2p networking.
  • Offchain worker related parameters.
  • Optional flag for specifying output type
  • Parameters used to config prometheus.
  • Parameters to define the pruning mode
  • A Substrate CLI runtime that can be used to run a node or a command
  • Parameters used to config runtime.
  • Runtime version. This should not be thought of as classic Semver (major/minor/tiny). This triplet have different semantics and mis-interpretation could cause problems. In particular: bug fixes should result in an increment of spec_version and possibly authoring_version, absolutely not impl_version since they change the semantics of the runtime.
  • Shared parameters used by all CoreParams.
  • Abstraction over OS signals to handle the shutdown of the node smoothly.
  • Parameters used to config telemetry.
  • Parameters used to create the pool configuration.





Type Aliases§

  • Result type alias for the CLI.