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Multisig pallet

A pallet for doing multisig dispatch.


This pallet contains functionality for multi-signature dispatch, a (potentially) stateful operation, allowing multiple signed origins (accounts) to coordinate and dispatch a call from a well-known origin, derivable deterministically from the set of account IDs and the threshold number of accounts from the set that must approve it. In the case that the threshold is just one then this is a stateless operation. This is useful for multisig wallets where cryptographic threshold signatures are not available or desired.


Dispatchable Functions

  • as_multi - Approve and if possible dispatch a call from a composite origin formed from a number of signed origins.
  • approve_as_multi - Approve a call from a composite origin.
  • cancel_as_multi - Cancel a call from a composite origin.



  • The pallet module in each FRAME pallet hosts the most important items needed to construct this pallet.
  • Autogenerated weights for pallet_multisig



  • An open multisig operation.
  • A global extrinsic index, formed as the extrinsic index within a block, together with that block’s height. This allows a transaction in which a multisig operation of a particular composite was created to be uniquely identified.