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§Polkadot SDK Docs

The Polkadot SDK Developer Documentation.

This crate is a minimal, but always-accurate source of information for those wishing to build on the Polkadot SDK.

Work in Progress: This crate is under heavy development. Expect content to be moved and changed. Do not use links to this crate yet. See meta_contributing for more information.

§Getting Started

We suggest the following reading sequence:

  • Start by learning about the the polkadot_sdk, its structure and context.
  • Then, head over the guides. This modules contains in-depth guides about the most important user-journeys of the Polkadot SDK.
  • Whilst reading the guides, you might find back-links to reference_docs.
  • Finally, https://paritytech.github.io is the parent website of this crate that contains the list of further tools related to the Polkadot SDK.

§Information Architecture

This section paints a picture over the high-level information architecture of this crate.

    parity[paritytech.github.io] --> devhub[polkadot_sdk_docs]
	polkadot_network[polkadot.network] --> devhub[polkadot_sdk_docs]

    devhub --> polkadot_sdk
    devhub --> reference_docs
    devhub --> guides

    polkadot_sdk --> substrate
    polkadot_sdk --> frame
    polkadot_sdk --> cumulus
    polkadot_sdk --> polkadot[polkadot node]
    polkadot_sdk --> xcm


  • In-depth guides about the most common components of the Polkadot SDK. They are slightly more high level and broad than reference docs.
  • Meta information about this crate, how it is built, what principles dictates its evolution and how one can contribute to it.
  • An introduction to the Polkadot SDK. Read this module to learn about the structure of the SDK, the tools that are provided as a part of it, and to gain a high level understanding of each.
  • Reference documents covering in-depth topics across the Polkadot SDK. It is suggested to read these on-demand, while you are going through the guides or other content.